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I will use this installment in the Pack-O-Fun Series to celebrate Easter. This year Easter falls on April Fools Day. I sure hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t play any funny business – were looking forward to our baskets and annual Easter egg hunt. this year we plan on modeling the Pak-O-Fun example for creating “Dressed Up Easter Eggs”

We have our construction paper ready, along with our scissors and tape. I will post an update to share the outcomes. Happy Easter!
















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Paper Plate Ferris Wheel



As part of the ongoing Pack-O-Fun series, I bring you another fun interior page. This craft is a brilliant Ferris wheel made out of paper plates. So cool and vintage. I want to make several of these out of party paper plates with colors and patterns on them.


























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I love vintage shopping at bookstore and thrift stores. There are a few online shops I love to peek in on too. On a recent outing, I stopped by a favorite local, independent, thrift shop. I could hang out in the book section of this Tempe thrift shop called Gracie’s, forever. I can never figure out how they always have so many vintage books and magazines. It is incredible.  On this recent trip, I found a pile of craft magazines called Pack-O-Fun “The Only Scrap-Craft Magazine” The whole collection is from the 1950’s. The paper is aged, foxing and is brittle but oh the treats I found inside!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.08.44 PM














I am going to have to share my favorite interior pages in a series because there are so many! I will kick it off with this cardboard camper gem. I love the illustration as much as the project.


The vintage Christmas bulb wreaths continue. After making this Christmas version and then this Valentines Day version followed by this St. Patrick’s Day version I knew I had to make a red, white and blue Patriotic Vintage Bulb Wreath. I hung it up for Memorial Day and will leave it up since June 14th is Flag Day and then of course for July 4th. I found the star wreath form at a thrift store for only two bucks and since I have a ton of vintage and found Christmas bulbs in endless supply I thought why not! What other holiday can I make a wreath for?    Hmmmmmm do they make black and orange Christmas bulbs? Let the hunt begin.


During Christmas I made a Vintage Christmas Bulb Wreath and loved it so much that I thought why not keep going for all different holidays and times of the year. I had a great time making this one for Valentines Day and so I thought hey since I still have more bulbs around why not create a vintage bulb wreath for St. Patrick’s Day. I ended up getting this garland covered four leaf clover at Micheal’s for only five bucks. Then I used left over green and gold bulbs to cover it. Love and Luck O’ The Irish!!


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