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I have added a lot of new work to my flickr gallery. Stop over and take a look on Flickr.

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For Halloween this year I made a few cute pillows. The candy corn was a little felt dollar store hat that both my little ladies wore when they were tiny and this year I stuffed it, sewed up the end, added ric rac and just like that a cute little pillow. For the black pillow I sewed together  some flower fabric scraps left over from another project and added in a little piece of a ribbon with a skull on it. The Poison pillow was a place-mat that I bought at Target for $2. I used a seam ripper to open one end as it was backed with a second piece of fabric, I stuffed it and then sewed it up. Now I have three cute pillows for Halloween decor.


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I was inspired by the simple pattern of the Little Dresses for Africa project.  So I made a pillow case style dress for the project and I made a ‘dress up’ dress for The Short One using scraps I had around the studio. It was a fun weekend project and hopefully made two little girls happy. The directions are HERE.

Here is the dress up dress I made from scraps

While our planters are being created we worked on the back porch patio. We had tiles put down for the floor surface and found some fantastic vintage wicker furniture for the space. We completed the feel of the cabana by selecting fabric at a supreme discount from Tempe Sales, sewing it to the width and length to create panels that could hang to frame the patio in like a room. On the outside of the fabric panels we attached sunshade fabric to ensure that it would last through more then just one extremely hot Arizona Summer. We love our dreamy new space that has a ceiling fan to keep us cool and panels that will allow for shade in the summer months.


I have been collecting dollie’s for a while now and I finally got to work creating a Dollie Table-runner out of them. Two actually! One is all whites and creams and one is a mix of white with oranges and yellows. I am in love with dollies right now I have more projects to come so stay tuned!

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