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ecoIn my ongoing Roald Dahl obsession of late, I made a couple of Twit’s Bird Pies for my daughter’s classroom. They had a bonus ingredient inside!


I had to buy the pies (school rules!) but I made these by lifting the pie in the tin out of the outer plastic packaging. Then I used feathers, felt and pipe cleaners to make bird legs and wings.



To add the full effect I went online and found images from the book, copied and pasted them and made a label to cover the one on the plastic packaging from the store.  I glued the label down to the plastic with a glue stick. They were a big hit with the kids and they were excited to find a second Roald Dahl surprise inside. In honor of Roald Dahl’s book James and the Giant Peach – they were peach pies!


My husband, upon the request of our youngest, mixed up a batch of cocoa colored pancake mix and made emoji poo pancakes. These were the hit of the slumber party for sure! He used a squeeze body to draw the poo shaped pancakes and in a stroke of genius he used peanuts for the eyes!




I finally decided to pull all my collections that were all over my house, in my office and in my studio and I built them into one delicious altar. I am so excited that this is now in my studio. By surrounding myself with things that matter deeply to me and remind me of important experiences is such a warm and delightful feeling. I love looking at this altar.





In my ongoing Roald Dahl obsession of late, I workshopped BFG Dream Jars with the kids in my daughter’s classroom.



I used images of Mason jars that I found online and copied them onto cardstock. Download the  Mason Jar Image File

Mason Jar Image File

In the classroom, we talked about the BFG and how he collected dreams in jars. I asked the kids to think of the best dream they could imagine waking up to in the morning. They wrote those dreams down on the cutout paper jars and then decorated the paper jars with markers, stars, glitter and hearts.  Then for the final step, we put dots of glow in the dark paint, just like the glowing lights in the book/movie.




This 4th of July we were inspired to make red, white and blue origami boats. We struggled a bit with the instructions in the book we had at home so we found great assistance in this You Tube Video:


In addition to the boats created in this video, we added tooth picks, washi tape flags and string to give our boats more of an ocean liner feel. Here are our 4th of July boats:

Boats 3


Boats 1


Boats 2

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