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I finally decided to pull all my collections that were all over my house, in my office and in my studio and I built them into one delicious altar. I am so excited that this is now in my studio. By surrounding myself with things that matter deeply to me and remind me of important experiences is such a warm and delightful feeling. I love looking at this altar.





I have added a lot of new work to my flickr gallery. Stop over and take a look on Flickr.

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 1.42.41 PM

Recently I found this dirty and dingy IKEA Greenhouse at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I could see it had a lot of potential it just needs some TLC.











So I took it home, washed it up and covered most of it with solid gold and pale pink and gold striped  Washi Tape. I covered the handles at the top with Sisal Rope.

Here are the results – I am beyond thrilled!







































I am teaching two workshops at the Shemer Art Center  for Summer artSpace.

Tuesday June 17, 2014 Clothes Pin Toy Art Workshop From 10 AM – 12:15 PM and again from 12:45 – 3:00PM

Tuesday June 24, 2014  Duct Tape Toy Art Workshop From 10 AM – 12:15 PM and again from 12:45 – 3:00PM

Both workshops will be inspired by the exhibition Joy of Toys on view at the Shemer Art Center this Summer. The work included in this show highlights toys from around the world created out of recycled materials. Join these workshops to create your own toys out of found objects. Enrollment is online – forms can be downloaded HERE




Duct-castle Cropped


Enrollment is online – forms can be downloaded HERE


I am teaching a workshop this summer for the City of Glendale, AZ. If you have kids looking for a week of creativity sign them up! REGISTER HERE

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