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Inspired by a couple of our favorite books about balloons including Balloon Farm and You Can’t Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum we decided it was only fitting to dedicate some summer camp time to exploring balloons.

balloon farm books

We had the hopes of creating a homemade hot air balloon but after visiting three different locations and being told there was no helium available due to a recent mine closure we knew we needed to talk about balloons even more! We had a lot of fun experimenting with simple latex balloons.

We played balloon games, watched movies about balloons including UP and Balloon Farm and checked out more books about balloons from the library. We drew a lot of pictures of balloons, hot air balloons, run-a-way balloons and live balloons with faces and we also ate balloon inspired meals. We conducted experiments with heat, fire, baking soda and lemons. We tested our our human produced electricity and we made water balloons for an outdoor water balloon fight. Here are some highlights of the balloon experimental fun we had.

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101_5305Electricity created by static from our hair.

101_8280Baking soda and lemon juice really do create a gas that blows up a balloon!

101_8284If you fill the bottom of a balloon up with a 1/4 cup of water it actually won’t pop when placed over a flame!

101_8287An empty soda bottle placed in a pan of boiling water really will blow up a balloon the is stretched over the top of the bottle!

101_8288Water balloons ready for a battle!

101_8291Cool Summer water balloon fight!


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