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I will use this installment in the Pack-O-Fun Series to celebrate Easter. This year Easter falls on April Fools Day. I sure hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t play any funny business – were looking forward to our baskets and annual Easter egg hunt. this year we plan on modeling the Pak-O-Fun example for creating “Dressed Up Easter Eggs”

We have our construction paper ready, along with our scissors and tape. I will post an update to share the outcomes. Happy Easter!
















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Paper Plate Ferris Wheel



As part of the ongoing Pack-O-Fun series, I bring you another fun interior page. This craft is a brilliant Ferris wheel made out of paper plates. So cool and vintage. I want to make several of these out of party paper plates with colors and patterns on them.


























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I love vintage shopping at bookstore and thrift stores. There are a few online shops I love to peek in on too. On a recent outing, I stopped by a favorite local, independent, thrift shop. I could hang out in the book section of this Tempe thrift shop called Gracie’s, forever. I can never figure out how they always have so many vintage books and magazines. It is incredible.  On this recent trip, I found a pile of craft magazines called Pack-O-Fun “The Only Scrap-Craft Magazine” The whole collection is from the 1950’s. The paper is aged, foxing and is brittle but oh the treats I found inside!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.08.44 PM














I am going to have to share my favorite interior pages in a series because there are so many! I will kick it off with this cardboard camper gem. I love the illustration as much as the project.



Recently I found this dirty and dingy IKEA Greenhouse at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I could see it had a lot of potential it just needs some TLC.











So I took it home, washed it up and covered most of it with solid gold and pale pink and gold striped  Washi Tape. I covered the handles at the top with Sisal Rope.

Here are the results – I am beyond thrilled!








































During the holidays I was obsessed with making snow globes and now that it is Spring in Arizona I have taken the glass jars and started a new creative obsession — desktop terrariums! I can’t stop combing thrift stores for jars. I have terrariums all over my house now. Here are a some shots of just a few of them. I wrote about this one year ago, that post is HERE. Directions for creating your own at the bottom of the post.


— Fine Sand (purchased at a pet supply store)
— Small Stones (purchased at a pet supply store or a hardware store)
— Activated Charcoal (purchased at a pet supply store)
— Potting Soil (purchased at plant nursery or a hardware store)
— Terrarium Plant (purchased at a pet supply store)

— Sphagnum or Spanish moss (purchased at plant nursery or a hardware store)
— Plastic ornament (purchased at a craft store or a cake supply store)

Layer in the above order, spring water into the jar for the first few days and if there is a lid you can leave it alone after a few weeks. If it is open you will need to water it as you would with any indoor plant.


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