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When shopping estate sales and auctions it can be tempting to scoop up vintage jewelry such as brooches or pins for a steal. They are so easy to find and collect you can suddenly acquire a stash of them, then what? They can look pretty amazing when you load them all on at once.

For ideas on how to wear ten to twenty vintage pins at once read my piece at the Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch blog: A Collection of Vintage Pins, Restyled


Cornish Pasty is a hit with many, which make sense considering so many of us Phoenicians come from the Midwest. A tasty pasty can offer some serious comfort for anyone feeling nostalgic for their Midwestern roots. If you have the blues and are longing for a treat from your youth but don’t feel like heading to the local pasty maker in town, why not whip up some of you own?

Learn how to make pasty’s from my piece at the Phoenix New Times Chow Bella blog: Cornish Pasty At Home

Food & Ink Moroccan Salad at House of Tricks as featured at the Phoenix New Times Chow Bella blog.

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Do you have a stash of your mom’s vintage costume pearls lying around? Freshen them up and give them to her, restyled, for Mothers Day. This restyle project was inspired by a necklace spotted at Anthropologie with a price tag of $78. Make one yourself for just pennies. This is modeled after a collar necklace but with a twist.


Learn how to make a restyled pearl necklace from my piece at the Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch: Mom’s Costume Pearls into a Collar Necklace, a Restyle

Royal Wedding Fever – Wedding Dress Re-Styled

The Royal Wedding is just days away and since everyone loves a fairy tale, I used the Royal Wedding as inspiration to transforms a late 1980’s / early 1990’s style wedding dress into a contemporary wedding frock for a fun spirited occasion,  with a touch of the hottest wedding trend, black.

I put out a request on Facebook and the offers came — Spring cleaning I guess.



Learn how this wedding dress was transformed, step by step, from my post at the Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch blog: Royal Wedding Fever: A Wedding Dress, Restyled


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