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The Guerrilla Success Book is out!


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I was fortunate to be asked to write a chapter for a book by my hero by Jay Conrad Levinson who was the founder of Guerrilla Marketing. I have long been a fan of his work and when he passed away in 2013 I thought that would be the end of his voice but luckily he left essays behind and his wife Jeannie Levinson took up the cause. 

Jay Conrad and Jeannie Levinson, were the creators of the term Guerrilla Entrepreneur. They described them as men and women who think outside-the-box. In their words: He’s embraced new ways of thinking, new ways of working, new ways of living. He well knows that he’s left behind an age characterized by a worship of profits, a surfeit of working hours, and a neglect of family and self.

I am thrilled that the book is out and my essay is included. Here is the link to grab a copy for yourself:

Guerrilla Success


Christmas presents reveled. This year a group of the Lovely Lula girlfriends met out for some holiday cheer and we exchanged handmade gifts. I made each of my friends and lovely little painting with words that I felt reflected where each individual is currently at in her life. I wanted to mark this time by noting it in paint.  Here are the paintings that now live in my girlfriends homes. Ready for  a new year!

Low REs Be Brave Painting


Low rEs Be Unreasonable Painting


low res Fullest Love Painting

LowRes Here Comes Success


After reading  “Kirstin’s Surprise” (an American Girl book) the short one asked if we could celebrate St. Lucia Day, Since I am Scandinavian I thought it would be a great tradition for us to do. I did a little research and discovered many lovely things that were a part of the ceremony. I set to work prepping their dress up clothes to serve as the white dress and added red sashes. I made each girl a crown with electric battery operated lights on it.

I woke the girls early today, December 13 and we bake Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in place of traditional St. Lucia buns. They dressed in the white dresses with read sashes, we read the poem A Nocturnal Upon S. Lucy’s Day, Being the Shortest Day by John Donne and sang St. Lucia songs. They carried the trays with rolls and cocoa (in place of coffee).

St Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13, with the Winter Solstice which, under the old Julian calendar, used to fall on that day. This day is very significant in Scandinavian countries. There, in December, the daylight time is very short and darkness and night time are extremely long, due to their position on the globe. Lucia translates to “light”.  After the Winter Solstice the days get longer. So St. Lucia is a celebration of the coming lengthening of the days.

Here is a document called Saint Lucia Notes filled with all the poems, songs and recipes we found online in the research we did.


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