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These are a group of fun felt and wood character boxes that I made. To start this projects head to your local craft store and pick up a circular wooden box with a lid. Back at your studio paint the box with acrylic craft paints in the design of the character you want to make. Next you’ll want sheets of craft felt in a color that goes with your character. Create a half round pillow form out of the felt and stuff it with batting. Now you’ll use more craft felt to cut eyes, nose, mouth, ears or any other features for your creatures. Glue these on to the top of the stuff felt pillow using tacky glue. Create wings or tails or whatever other elements are needed out of pipe cleaners and glue these down to the lid of your painted box. Finally glue the felt half pillow on top of the lid of your box. Now you have a keepsake box! As an alternative to the keepsake box glue the lid down to the bottom with E-6o00 glue, cut a slit into the side of the wood box and a circle hole in the bottom of the box. Place a cork in the bottom hole and now you have a bank! Fabulous! The following are some of the character boxes I made. Happy Crafting xoxo Lovely Lula

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