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It is closing in on the month of love so I am going to share a series of Valentine’s related posts. I made this necklace to celebrate the season. It is made using Sculpey and Cuttlebug embossing folders and hot pink craft wire.

Click here for the tutorial: Heart Necklace How To

Happy month of love – xoxo  Lovely Lula


When I hit the after Christmas sales I ran into a purse hanger at Old Navy for just a couple of bucks. It was super ugly but my creative side knew instantly that I could switch it up and make it my own.

I busted out the goofy gem stone with a hammer and filled it with a piece of baked Sculpey Polymer clay pressed into the  Country Life Cuttlebug Embossing Folder. I love that sewing machine – so cute! For the complete tutorial click here: Purse Holder

Happy Crafting xoxo Lovely Lula


When thinking about fall my mind traveled to canning jars and I thought why not decorate an old, vintage, glass, canning jar to create a tea lite.

I made the halo over top of the jar with my Cuttlebug, copper and Sculpey clay. I added in a few beads and some glass marbles inside of the jar and it is ready to place a tea lite in and go! For the complete tutorial click here: Glass Jar How To


The Cuttlebug embossing folders can be used for more then just paper. I busted out some Sculpey clay recently, rolled it into a thin pancake and then pressed it into the embossing folders. For the bird cage I used the 12″ Embossing Border, Caged Bird and for the bird I used the Birds and Swirls folder. To finish them I used sharpie thin pens to draw on top of the outlines to add a little Lula to them! Once the pieces were cooled out of the oven I strung them on a hot pink rubber chain. For the complete tutorial click here: Sculpey Bird and Cage Necklace Happy crafting xoxo Lovely Lula

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