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This past weekend I lead a workshop at SMoCA for teens at the Night At The Museum Event. It was such a good time!

I used rubber stamps of mason jars, stamped them onto paper, scanned them into the computer, cleaned them up and blew the scale up to a larger size. Then I printed the graphic jars onto white card stock. I had the participants cut the jars out and glue them on three sides down to a colored card stock, leaving the top open so a paper note could be tucked in. Then they decorated each of their jars. They made some amazing projects! Here are the sample I created. I will post theirs into another post soon.


After creating so many Message In A Bottle goodies this year I thought it would also make a great gift for The Smallest One’s Pre-School teacher. She is a photographer and a magical teacher. Both girls have loved her. Here is the Message In A Bottle gift we gave her.

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