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Yea, Yea, Yea – my Twist Itâ„¢ T-Shirt Yarn Kits produced by Such Designs are now for sale! I am so thrilled these are now on the market as it has been a beautiful labor of love for my friend Carrie and I to work on. She also has several patterns including puppets and quilt designs and there are many more to come!

You can choose from the Twist itâ„¢ T-Shirt Yarn Hairwear Kit or the Twist itâ„¢ T-Shirt Yarn Jewelry Kit.

So click on over to SHOP!


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I made a Springtime Fun barrette for the short one to wear to a party she was invited to. She is in pre-school so learning letters and simple words are the “it” thing for the kids!  I used the Cuttlebug to cut the shapes out of wool felt. I used an over-sized barrette and spray painted it hot pink.

Here are the steps on how I made it

Happy Crafting xoxo


It is Hello Kitty’s birthday this month and what better way to celebrate then to craft up something pink and saccharin sweet. Ms. Kitty’s founder, Sanrio, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with Small Gift — a tour complete with a pop up shop. Look for this today on Mill Avenue (in front of American Apparel) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m..

Join the party and toast to Kitty’s birthday wearing a very Hello Kitty neon pink, side-angled bow. You can go online or to the pop up shop and buy a headband bow for $30 but this Thrifty Maker is after the look with out spending the dough.

To see the How To for this bow headband jump on over to Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch:  A Hello Kitty Birthday Bow

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