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Recently I found this dirty and dingy IKEA Greenhouse at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I could see it had a lot of potential it just needs some TLC.











So I took it home, washed it up and covered most of it with solid gold and pale pink and gold striped  Washi Tape. I covered the handles at the top with Sisal Rope.

Here are the results – I am beyond thrilled!








































I went to a neighborhood dinner party recently and was asked to do the vegetables. The January weather in Arizona was so perfect I opened all the doors and prepped, chopped, cooked, roasted, grill and combine many of my favorite flavors to create a platter filled with veggies. My goal is always to share veggies with people who think they don’t like them.  Everyone at the dinner party said “I have never liked beets nor brussels sprouts but tonight you have changed my mind – clearly I have just never had them cooked right” Goal achieved!


Everyone at the dinner party asked me for the recipes – Here are all of the recipes for everything on the platter. NOTE: I don’t really measure stuff I just eyeball it!



Brussels  Sprouts: Wash brussels sprouts, steam them in a steaming tray on the stove top just until you can start to smell them. Then immediately take them off the burner and run them under very cold water to stop the cooking. On a cutting board cut each brussels sprouts in half and chop a half inch high stack of salami into small chopped pieces. Place a large pan on the stove top with the burner on medium. Heat Olive oil (around 2 TBLSP) and garlic (1 TBLSP) , add in brussels sprouts, salami and a handful of slivered almonds. Brown everything in the pan then transfer to a plate.


Roasted Beets: Using fresh beets, wash them thoroughly  *NOTE: save the greens on top for cooking too – they are delicious! On a cutting board cut raw beets into quarters, next cut an onion and a few cloves of garlic into small pieces. On your counter lay down a large piece of tin foil, top the tin foil with an equal size piece of parchment paper. Dump the beets, onions and garlic on top of the parchment paper/tin foil combo. Drizzle everything with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, season with salt and pepper. Fold outer tin foil around everything to make a ‘boat’  throw on the grill for 40 minutes or until everything is caramelized. You could do this in the oven too but it caramelizes better on the grill.


Cucumber, Avocado, Celery, Apple, Pomegranate Salad: Remove outer skin from Cucumber and  Avocado, discard pit.  Wash and chop Cucumber, Avocado, Celery and Apple (I prefer a Gala Apple for this). Toss in a bowl with Coconut oil and Coconut Vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Pour onto a plate and top with Pomegranate seeds.


Spicy No Mayo Coleslaw: This recipe is adapted from Mark Bittman’s recipe. I have simplified it for my tastes. Shred any kind of cabbage you like (Note don’t use bagged – it doesn’t taste as good and has sulfur and other chemicals on it to keep its color – yuck!) On a cutting board chop green onions and one Anaheim pepper.  In a bowl combine olive oil, apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic, Dijon mustard, fresh parsley, chopped Anaheim pepper  and chopped green onions with salt and pepper. Wisk together,  pour over cabbage and fold together – add more salt and pepper if needed. Chill in the fridge and serve when ready. This recipe tastes even better the next day after it has time to marinate.


As a board member of Digital Farm Collective I was very proud of our fundraiser last Sunday night. Set in the lovely home of  Aric Mei, owner of Parlor. The amazing dinner was created by Chef Aaron Chamberlain, the wine was provided by Dos Cabezas, the beer and coffee from Cartel, and tequila offered by 3 Amigos.

I had the pleasure of being asked to do all of the decoration and table-scapes. It turned out so lovely I had to share some photos.

DFC Fundraiser 1

DFC Fundraiser 2

DFC Fundraiser 4

DFC Fundraiser 5

DFC Fundraiser 6

DFC Fundraiser 7

DFC Fundraiser 8

DFC Fundraiser 9

DFC Fundraiser 10

DFC Fundraiser 11

DFC Fundraiser 12


If you are interested in learning more about Digital Farm Collective or to Donate to this amazing project Click HERE.


Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 3.00.10 PM

Fearless Family Home House Tour

Name: Cyndi Coon
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Size: 1,800 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years; owned

Cyndi’s home, a ranch-style house built in 1958, is a stunning ode to all things found, reclaimed, and vintage. It’s a home you can stare at for hours: peering into glass-fronted cases, admiring collections of ceramics, and wondering at the story behind each object. It’s about as far away from childproofed as you can get. Nevertheless, it’s home to two girls both under the age of eight.


I was visiting Lowes Home Store recently when I noticed they had a great rack filled with about to die flowers and plants. I picked this great purple bloom up for only $2 and it was lived for nearly two weeks. That is a better buy then getting fresh cut flowers that don’t last as long. Super smart! This is a tip I am going to check on all summer long as and alternative to the florist. The cactus was already on my table.

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