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“EVERYTHING IS FREE IT ALWAYS WILL BE” but we need your help to keep it that way! 2014 marked our 10th Anniversary providing art worthy materials for creative minds free of charge.

The Art Resource Center (ARC) helps any non-profit to facilitate their art needs.
The ARC has saved thousands of pounds of waste from going to our landfills by collecting materials. When a teacher calls and says they are a new hire but the classroom is empty we fill the shelves with art supplies. When volunteers from March of Dimes want to do a special project we help with ideas and send them away with supplies. When Head Start needs tactile fabrics and inspiration for young minds we are the ones they come to for help. When a homeless artist walks through the door we give her paints and canvas and brushes.

The ARC touches well over 20,000 lives a year and our reach into the community and around the state is growing annually.

Please consider supporting the work of the ARC. Your dollars are needed to increase our space, build a gallery for recycled art exhibits and to offer classes to the community and so that we can be self sustaining.

If everyone on in our network donated $25 we would reach our 2015 goal and fulfill our dreams.

THE ARC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit your donation is tax deductible.

Please write your check to:
1860 W. University. Suite 102
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Or go to our website and click on the donate button.

Thank you and may you have the happiest of holiday seasons,

Sherrie Zeitlin


As a board member of Digital Farm Collective I was very proud of our fundraiser last Sunday night. Set in the lovely home of  Aric Mei, owner of Parlor. The amazing dinner was created by Chef Aaron Chamberlain, the wine was provided by Dos Cabezas, the beer and coffee from Cartel, and tequila offered by 3 Amigos.

I had the pleasure of being asked to do all of the decoration and table-scapes. It turned out so lovely I had to share some photos.

DFC Fundraiser 1

DFC Fundraiser 2

DFC Fundraiser 4

DFC Fundraiser 5

DFC Fundraiser 6

DFC Fundraiser 7

DFC Fundraiser 8

DFC Fundraiser 9

DFC Fundraiser 10

DFC Fundraiser 11

DFC Fundraiser 12


If you are interested in learning more about Digital Farm Collective or to Donate to this amazing project Click HERE.

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