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I was so inspired after making a tee-shirt yarn wreath that I thought why not make one for Halloween?

Here’s how: I bought a wreath from at the dollar store. The first step is to cover it with black masking tape, Next wrap black cheese cloth around it, pulling at the strings, allowing them to hang off for a spooky effect. Next I made three tee-shirt yarn flowers using black tee-shirt yarn. I attached those flowers to a backing of grey felt and glued them down to the wreath. I topped the flowers by putting copper and black hot rocks on them. For the final step I took three colors of tee-shirt yarn, braided them together and made the top hanging piece for the wreath.


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With Fall fast approaching that means the holidays are right on our heels. During the Fall and into Winter I love hanging wreaths around the house. I prefer fun, funky non-traditional wreaths though. This week I created a wreath using vintage pillowcases cut into strips and tee-shirt yarn to wrap a wreath form that I picked up for a buck at my local dollar store. Then I used the same materials plus some hot pink rope on the Provo Craft Knifty Knitter (smallest size Flower Loom) to make flowers for the base of the wreath. I am so excited about using thrifted recycled materials, bright colors and flowers. Click here for the complete tutorial: T-Shirt Yarn Wreath Happy Crafting xoxo Lovely Lula


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