The kids got into Valentine’s Day this year by selecting small felted characters to be included in a mobile. Several of these we actually bought at the after Christmas sales. We added all of the hearts with cut felt. This mobile turned out pretty great. It was easy and the girls didn’t want to take it down after the holiday was over. I think that qualifies as a successful project.


mulit up mobile



I love Valentine’s Day. Not even for the romance and such but because I love the color combo of red and pink and I  love to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It helps me with the post-Christmas blues after I have had to tear down the winter wonderland. Admittedly I often put Valentine’s Day decor up in early January.



We found these red paper berry baskets at the after Christmas clearance sale. As soon as we spotted them we knew they would be perfect for hand-drawn Valentine’s Day gift baskets. We drew on them with white gel pens, filled them with treats and gave them to teachers and neighbors.

V Day basket muti up



Why should Christmas be the only holiday connected to ornaments? I made or found several Valentine’s ornaments to hang around the house this year. Each of these had a component from a Christmas ornament that I cut or clipped to make something new. More red and pink throughout – yes, please!

Vday ornaments


I love vintage shopping at bookstore and thrift stores. There are a few online shops I love to peek in on too. On a recent outing, I stopped by a favorite local, independent, thrift shop. I could hang out in the book section of this Tempe thrift shop called Gracie’s, forever. I can never figure out how they always have so many vintage books and magazines. It is incredible.  On this recent trip, I found a pile of craft magazines called Pack-O-Fun “The Only Scrap-Craft Magazine” The whole collection is from the 1950’s. The paper is aged, foxing and is brittle but oh the treats I found inside!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.08.44 PM














I am going to have to share my favorite interior pages in a series because there are so many! I will kick it off with this cardboard camper gem. I love the illustration as much as the project.


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