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I married the idea of affordable art with Thanksgiving. A few weeks ago when I created this Fall wreath I over printed onto the canvas with the YUDU screen I had prepared using the Simply Scarecrow Cartridge. I cut the leaves out that were in good shape and then with the rest of the canvas I tore it into strips and set it aside. So always save those scraps you can put them to good use later.

I used an inexpensive canvas that I picked up at the craft supply store as the base. I first painted it red with acrylic paint, then I used painters tape to tape off lines and I spray painted orange over top of that, once dry I peeled the tape off. Next I wrapped the painted canvas with the printed, torn strips and stapled them to the back. To hold them down I coated the piece with shellac. Once the canvas was dry, I glued the leaves down down to the surface. Finally, I used the Autumn Celebrations Cartridge and cut the word “thankful” out of gold vinyl and attached that to the piece. Now I have a fun, affordable piece of art for Thanksgiving.

Happy crafting xoxo

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I had a stretched out, plain, pink t-shirt that I decided to give a re-style to. I cut the shirt up the front and pulled it in together to “tighten up” the shirt and then sewed it back together.

I cut a piece of pink patterned fabric and ironed it into a pocket shape. I cut a squirrel on my Cricut using the Create A Critter Cartridge out of black construction paper and used that to burn a screen on my YUDU. I then screen printed the squirrel onto canvas in pink ink on the YUDU. I ironed it to the pocket using Heat-n-Bond and then sewed the squirrel pocket to the t-shirt.

Now I have a re-styled, new feeling t-shirt in pink to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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The DVR is killing me. I record everything now. Feeling a little spoiled when I go to watch a show and can’t fast forward through commercials because it isn’t recorded and HGTV is my obsession. If the short people don’t interrupt and ask for a show of their own. I often watch Design on a Dime and mock a little because really some of their projects are just ugly. So I thought why not show a simple way to make a painting for your bare walls that is fun and functional and not splatter paint!

I took an inexpensive canvas from the art supply store and treated it with layers to make a great piece of art.

1. I started by painting the canvas all one color using acrylic paint, allow it to dry fully.

2. I spray painted a loose spotty paint over top in a contrasting color.

3. I used my Cricut to cut letters out of sticker vinyl (in this case I used Birds on Parade Cartridge) I laid those letter down on top of the canvas and dabbed a third color of paint over top, this time a lighter color, covering the letters, I allowed this to dry and then peeled the letters off to revel the color underneath.

4. I then used the YUDU to screen printed several sheets of card stock using a hand drawn patterns. I used those screen printed sheets to cut a large rose shape on the Cricut using the Sophie Cartridge, which is a Cricut Circle exclusive.

5. I flipped the rose shape upside down and lightly spray painted a dusting of black onto the canvas.

6. I flipped the rose over with the screen printing facing out and I added a few pieces of the vinyl that had been removed, to different areas on the canvas.

7. Finally I used shellac to hold the whole thing in place.

Allow to dry and you are done with a great piece of art to hang on your wall!

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A couple of new cards I recently made. The pink skull design is screen printed with a “love” charm and the the guitar card is cut glitter paper with a “wish” charm. Loving the combo of cards with charms.


I started this weeks project with pieces of burlap that I had peeled off of another reclaimed project I am working on and I thought why not make use of these scraps of two toned burlap? I also just sewed a new shower curtain for my girls bathroom and the curtain that was in there was a simple canvas one. So again I thought this can be used and off to the studio I went.

I used the burlap to wrap around a green Styrofoam wreath form that I actually picked up at the dollar store. I then used my Cricut and the Simply Scarecrow Cartridge to cut out the”Happy Harvest”, the leaves and a corn stalk onto black paper and used those to burned them onto a YUDU screen.


I screen printed onto that canvas shower curtain by taking brown, orange and tan ink and swirling it on the screen so that when I used the squeegee to pull the ink through it would variegate the colors to look like a mixed fall pallet. I frayed the edges of the burlap and the canvas to give the whole thing a rustic look.

I finished it off by adding a golden rod yellow ribbon at the top, a tiny piece of burlap and finished it  with a tiny screen printed leaf at the loop that will hang on the wreath holder that goes over my door.

Happy Fall! Happy Harvest! Happy Crafting! Follow me on Twitter I am Lab5.

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